Introduction to Aerodynamics

Aerodynamics is the study of the forces generated by the flow of air around a solid object
Aerodynamics impacts the automobile in many ways, this can be divided in 4 main catorgaries

1. Fuel Consumption


2. Styling


3. Noise & Vibration


4. Control & Handling


1. Fuel consumption

。Drag forces increase exponentially with velocity


。More fuel is consumed to counter aerodynamic forces than any other factor


。Better air flow management reduces fuel consumption and pollution


2. Styling

。Aerodynamically efficient body surfaces may interfere with the styling intent


。The consumers may have preferences for aerodynamic features


3. Noise & Vibration

。Air flow can create wind noise


。Turbulent airflow can deposit dirt on windows and automobile’s body (e.g., rear window)


。Turbulent airflow can cause undesirable vibrations


4. Control & Handling
  - Aerodynamic force as listed below:

。Lift - dangerous at high speeds


。Drag - decreases performance


。Down force - better handling


。Side force - better cornering

Aerodynamic forces can be optimized for local effect